2008 one show 创意营A组课堂实录

Saatchi&Saatchi盛世长城国际广告, 上海

Peter started his advertising career not in the mailroom, but in the traffic department.

He quickly realized that traffic managers have to meet deadlines, and switched to art direction.

He then became a copywriter because copywriters always go home early.

At the 1990 Singapore Creative Circle Awards, he took home all the awards in the Chinese Language category and in the 1990 Media Asian Advertising Awards, his work was the only Chinese entry awarded.

In 1991, he joined DY&R Hong Kong as Creative Director.His team struck gold at many international awards but still his mother wasn’t impressed.

He returned to Singapore in 1992, pottered around a bit, and strangely enough, was the most-awarded Chinese Language Creative Director in the 1992/93 Singapore Creative Circle Awards.

In 1993, he started Fong, Haque and Soh with suit David Fong and Copywriter Rita Haque.

The local shop took home 12 awards in the 1995 Singapore Creative Awards and that made it the third most award-winning agency.

The following year, the agency rose to top 3 positions in Singapore.Only then his mother broke into a little smile.

The next year, with the track record of winning every pitch during the last 3 years, his local shop was bought over by TBWA and became TBWA Fong, Haque and Soh. He left the agency in 1998.

After spending quite a while in Hawaii, he returned with a good tan and with a few good men, namely, Jimmy Lam, David Sun and Tomaz Mok, the four wise men jointly organized the World Chinese Creative Award ‘Long Xi’. Today, it is the only Chinese award that is recognized by the international arena.

The following year he set up The Noble House, a consultancy, which specializes in Chinese Creative work and amongst his clients, was Singapore Press Holdings. There, under his guidance, the group won many local and overseas awards including the Best Chinese Copywriting Award.

After adding a few more Ultra-man, Godzillas and a huge Tintin rocket to his toy collection, he started looking for his second spring.,

Talking to quite a few Agencies in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China for almost one and a half years, he finally accepted the offer from Saatchi and Saatchi to head their Shanghai office as their CEO/CCO.

He was told that CEO must wear a suit.He waited for the final reduction sale in Hong Kong and bought himself two Armani suits. A few months later, he felt like a monkey and went back to his usual dress code of jeans and T-shirt.

After a year and a half, the Shanghai office, looking like somewhere in the Mediterranean, did quite well under his leadership, winning as many accounts as their fair share of awards.

His dream in making a difference in the Chinese media has made him a well-respected figure in the Chinese Advertising circle. Of course, he thinks that his looks help too.

March 2005 he stepped down from his CEO role but kept the Armani suits found a seat at Saatchi World Wide Creative Board and become Chief Creative Officer Greater China.

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